USL Runs Full Page Ad for Clemency

…or visit to obtain the 9 page packet just sent to President Trump which includes a 7 page executive summary of the case for Presidential Action to help Sgt. John Hatley by USL Legal Counsel David Carroll, and the 2 page cover letter of Lt. Col. Gillem, USA (Ret.).

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USL Places Full Page Newspaper Ad to Petition President and Congress

More that 600 Americans sign as Co-Sponsors of this ad petitioning the President and Congress to Restore Freedom to imprisoned or accused combat warriors who fought for ours.

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USL in the News – Seal Chief Gallagher gets support from Uniformed Services League

Reprinted from Zenith News:

By Glenn Ryt, June 30, 2019 Zenith News Exclusive

“It ought not to be a crime to shoot the enemy in combat” says Lt. Colonel Dennis Gillem, USA (Ret.). The Vietnam war veteran and host of a weekly talk show reaching 150,000 veterans and their friends, is hoping for a “not guilty” verdict for U.S. Navy Seal Chief Edward Gallagher this week at his court martial in San Diego. “ Chief Gallagher has done the same thing many of us have been forced to do in combat – make a split-second decision with real life or death consequences for fellow Americans in uniform” said Colonel Gillem, who is leading a nationwide effort to support unfairly accused combat warriors.
Col. Gillem spoke last year at a “Restore Freedom” Congressional Lunch and Symposium at the House Rayburn Office Building calling out to “restore freedom to combat warriors who fought for ours.” Four Congressmen and nearly 30 Congressional staffers attended, where Colonel Gillem and representatives of the event organizer, Uniformed Services League, presented 25,000 petitions supporting a Presidential Pardon for some of those whom the group calls “unfairly accused combat warriors.” Four Congressmen spoke at the event last April 17 including Congressmen Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Scott Perry ((R-PA).
Gohmert and Perry have been outspoken in support of unfairly accused combat warriors such as Chief Gallagher. Both are involved in helping to organize a Congressional Caucus to focus attention on cases such as Chief Gallagher, according to our sources in Washington, DC, a move strongly supported by Col. Gillem and Uniformed Services League.
At the top of Colonel Gillem’s list to “restore freedom” to is Chief Eddie Gallagher. Col. Gillem, sent a letter of support to Gallagher and his attorney, Timothy Parlatore.
The letter from the Colonel asks Chief Gallagher to be the keynote speaker at a future “Restore Freedom” Congressional Lunch and Symposium in Washington, DC, saying that their attendance would turn the event into a “Celebrate Gallagher” function. The message from Uniformed Services League also offers a substantial donation to help defray Gallagher’s legal expenses, and airfare and lodging for him, his wife and his attorney to speak at a third Restore Freedom Symposium.
What happens if Chief Gallagher is found guilty at the court martial and his attorney begins the appeal process? Col. Gillem’s letter to Chief Gallagher makes clear: he and Uniformed Services League stand with Gallagher, win or lose, and invite his wife to come speak at Restore Freedom in Washington, DC if he is unable to.
Colonel Gillem was especially pleased to learn that Zenith News will dispatch as their reporter, a fellow U.S. military Vietnam war veteran, Charles Benninghoff, a PBS boat captain who inserted Navy SEALs into combat ambushes in the Rung Sat Special Zone south of Saigon in 1967 and who helped defend the Naval supply lines to the surrounded Marines at Khe Sahn in 1968.
Gillem a member of the USL Retired Military Officers Advisory Board, was one of the featured speakers at the 2017 Restore Freedom Congressional Luncheon and Symposium in Washington, DC.
For those who want to express their support you may write to LTCdennisGillem@UniformedServicesLeague or visit
Source: and reprinted with permission at and

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USL Runs Full Page Washington Times Ad to “Restore Freedom”

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Sense of Congress Resolution Regarding Presidential Pardon of Lt. Clint Lorance

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Restore Freedom: Will you stand up for Imprisoned Warriors?

Speakers for the April 17 “Restore Freedom” Day. Congressmen Scott Perry and Louie Gohmert have joined colleague Duncan Hunter to speak to the group at the House Rayburn Bldg., while the others shown here will speak at both the day evens and the evening’s conference and rally.

Join us on Tuesday – take your pick when you want to start – breakfast & capitol tour, or lunch and briefing in DC or Freedom Leadership Conference in Chantilly VA at 7:30 pm

RESTORE FREEDOM baseball caps will be given out free to those who join us in DC and only $5 for those who attend evening Freedom Leadership Conference.

Operation Restore Freedom is in full swing with a day packed with activities on Friday but how about you? Can you take time out this week to join in some part of what is scheduled for Tuesday? It shocks people to learn this but the truth is, there are American combatants being held as prisoners, not in a foreign country but right here in America at Fort Leavenworth prison, sentenced because they did their duty but under the “rules of engagement” of President Barack Obama, they were locked up.

Restore Freedom Day Flyer (2 sides)
Restore Freedom Day Reservation (Required for admission)
Restore Freedom Day Reservation for Evening Conference

The details are all different.

But what they have in common is that like Lt. Clint Lorance, sentenced to 19 years in prison for ordering his men to open fire on advancing Taliban terrorists who would not stop as ordered, it is wrong what happened to them. They should all be pardoned by President Trump. All of us should speak out for them. We need you with us for all or some part of Tuesday, RESTORE FREEDOM DAY.

Our previous two posts tell you the details about Tuesday. We were pleased to announce that three U.S. Congressmen have replied to our invitation message hand delivered to them all on Thursday and with a “Dear Colleague” invitation letter sent by Congressman Duncan Hunter the previous week. The three Congressmen are Scott Perry, Louie Gohmert and Duncan Hunter.

You have the choice of joining us early on Tuesday to include breakfast in DC at the House Rayburn Bldg. ground floor cafeteria, or at lunch time at the House hearing room we have reserved and the followup briefings that include three U.S. Congressmen as previously reported.

Or you can join us as a $50 host committee member for dinner at Bob Evans Restaurant (dutch treat) at 6 PM (any donation of any amount for those who spent the day in DC with us). Or come to the “Restore Freedom” Rally at the Freedom Leadership Conference.

Those who can come to the DC briefing get this band new RESTORE FREEDOM baseball cap to wear during the briefing. If we have leftover hats they’ll be available to conference attendees (who are asked to pay $5 at the door) for only $5 (below cost) as long as supplies last.

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Congressman Scott Perry to Attend Tues Restore Freedom Day

Congressman Scott Perry presenting Ron Cohen with a “Chairman Emeritus| award after he had been given the “Statesman of the Year” Award of Conservative Christian Center in York, PA in 2017. Emy Delgaudio, its chairman, speaking at a Freedom Leadership Conference in 2017. (R) Dr. Ken Gibson speaking at the 2017 CCC Statesman of the Year Awards breakfast. All three will travel to the House Rayburn Bldg. on Tuesday to help make the case to their Congressman, Scott Perry (who has confirmed to attend), who will join them and their group for lunch. Co-Sponsored by United American Patriots and Uniformed Services League.

Congressmen Scott Perry, Louie Gohmert, Duncan Hunter Confirm to visit House Rayburn Building Hearing Room to Listen to United American Patriots, Uniformed Services League make the Case for a Presidential Pardon for Clint Lorance and other Unfairly Imprisoned Combat Soldiers

U.S. Congressman Scott Perry has joined with Congressmen Louie Gohmert and Duncan Hunter to attend the “Restore Freedom Day” Briefing of United American Patriots and Uniformed Services League on Tuesday, April 17 at the House Transportation and Infrastructure Hearing and Conference Suite, 2253 Rayburn House Office Bldg., 2nd Floor.

Speaking at Lunch at the “Restore Freedom” Briefing at the House Rayburn Building co-sponsored by United American Patriots and Uniformed Services League, U.S. Congressman Scott Perry was the keynote speaker at the Conservative Christian Center 2017 “Heritage Fiesta” summer picnic, shown here with member of the York County CCC Board, Bob Cosgrove.

Congressman Perry will be briefed on why he is being asked to support a Presidential Pardon for Clint Lorance and other unfairly imprisoned combat soldiers by his own constituents, Ron Cohen, Dr. Ken Gibson and Emy Delgaudio. They are part of a group of 40 visitors including four of his own constituents who will be visiting Washington, DC to ask Congressman to endorse their call for a Presidential Pardon for Clint Lorance and others.

Restore Freedom Day Flyer (2 sides)
Restore Freedom Day Reservation (Required for admission)
Restore Freedom Day Reservation for Evening Conference

previous post for details on the Tuesday activities or see the flyer

Congressman Scott Perry is the number one conservative congressman from Pennsylvania and one of the top conservatives in the House of Representatives, according to Heritage Action for America, which gave him a 100% rating. He was given the “Statesman of the Year” Award by the Conservative Christian Center at a York, PA Breakfast in 2017. On virtually every issue of concern to conservatives, Congressman Perry, who is also an active duty U.S. Army Reserve General, has not only voted right but has articulated conservative views, often with appearances on Fox TV and other media outlets.

Ron Cohen will be the “Master of Ceremonies” during the three hours long gathering, at which Congressmen are asked to visit at any time (or their senior staff) to listen to a 3 minute presentation, make their own remarks for 3 minutes and then, if they have time, to take 3 minutes question and answer, and pose for a group photo with the visitors (1 minute). Cohen is a member of the Retired Military Officers Advisory Board of Uniformed Services League.

Congressmen and Senators received an 8 page packet personally addressed to them inviting them to attend the Tuesday briefing, hand delivered this past Thursday. Congressmen Perry and Gohmert responded almost immediately, with Hunter having already indicated he will attend after he had been the original room sponsor for the event.

Congressman Perry will join the group for lunch, which is prepared sandwiches (boxed lunch) between 12 and 1 PM (all Congressmen are invited and may bring 1 staff member).

Perry is seeking reelection to Congress in a south central, Pennsylvania district which the Democrat dominated State Supreme Court has gerrymandered to give a better chance of having a Democrat defeat him. They removed strong Republican precincts from his Congressional district and added more Democrat-dominated precincts.

This Pennsylvania State Supreme Court redistricting is in complete defiance of the State’s Constitution, which clearly stipulates that the boundary lines of congressional and state legislative seats are to be drawn by the state legislature.

But since that’s under the Control of the Republican Party, the Democrat-dominated Supreme Court simply ruled their work unconstitutional and drew new boundary lines, so that conservative Congressmen like Scott Perry might be defeated and Nancy Pelosi restored as House Speaker. Congressman Perry’s reelection campaign can be visited HERE.

Perry was the kick off speaker at the recent Pennsylvania Leadership Conference largest annual gathering of conservatives in the keystone state. He was the keynote speaker at the 6th annual Heritage Fiesta summer picnic this past summer, co-sponsored by Conservative Christian Center. It was his 2nd appearance as keynote speaker in their six years.

Congressman Duncan Hunter, the host Congressman for the Rayburn House Office Building Hearing Room briefing, is the only Congressman who has been a combat veteran of both Iraq (2 tours) and Afghanistan (1 tour) as a U.S. Marine. He is a candidate for reelection (information HERE).

Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas, is a former U.S. Army Captain and a frequent guest on Fox TV. He is a candidate for reelection in 2018 (more info HERE).

United American Patriots and Uniformed Services League hope that at least ten or more Congressmen will visit at any time while they have the room reserved, from 12 noon to 3 PM. At 3 PM they will depart and head to an evening “Restore Freedom Rally” at the Freedom Leadership Conference which is 7:30 to 9 PM.

Both United American Patriots and Uniformed Services League will have a minimum of 20 boxes of petitions on hand, supporting a Presidential Pardon for Clint Lorance.

The evening conference will be preceded by a small dinner at a local Bob Evans Restaurant in Chantilly close to the hotel meeting site, for those who attended the day-time activity or those who can serve on the Host Committee ($50 donation). Invited guests for the 6 PM dinner and the 7:30 PM conference include the attorney for Clint Lorance, one or more family members of Clint Lorance, and the official spokesman for the two organizations sponsoring the day’s activities, United American Patriots and Uniformed Services League.

The spokesmen of each organization who will provide the Congressional briefing during the day and then be the keynote speakers at the evening “Restore Freedom Rally” at the Freedom Leadership Conference are: Lt. Col. Denny Gillem, USA (Ret.) for United American Patriots, and Richard Buck for Uniformed Services League. Gillem has been asked to serve on the board of UAP. Buck has been the USL Project Director and for seven years has been the Event Coordinator of the Freedom Leadership Conference.

The SPONSOR of the evening rally and conference is United American Patriots (40 minutes of program time) with Uniformed Services League as CO-SPONSOR (20 minutes program time).

Our readers are asked to consider what they can attend during this day’s activities to show support for combat warriors imprisoned for doing their duty under the Obama-era “rules of engagement.”

If anyone would like a ride to the morning breakfast you need to be at the Comfort Suites Hotel at 6:30 AM promptly for a free ride, and have made your reservation for the custom tour in advance AND RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION BACK by email or phone. The custom tour (led by a member of the staff of Congressman Duncan Hunter) is immediately after breakfast at the House Rayburn Bldg., and ends in time to attend the lunch at the Rayburn committee hearing room. Attendees are strongly urged to carefully read the flyer including the “small print” about the event details and advance registration requirements.

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Pardon Lorance Day with Rep Duncan Hunter, Louie Gohmert

U.S. Congressmen Louie Gohmert (L) and Duncan Hunter, are the first to accept invitation to a briefing on Tues. 4/17 at the House Rayburn Bldg. Hearing Room #2253, to hear the case for a Presidential Pardon for Lt. Clint Lorance, sentenced to 19 years in prison for ordering his men to open fire on advancing Taliban terrorists in an Afghanistan combat zone. Co-sponsored by United American Patriots and Uniformed Services League.

Imprisoned Combat Veteran Clint Lorance Day on Tuesday, April 17 to feature at least 5 U.S. Congressmen

United American Patriots and Uniformed Services League call for Pardon for Lorance, to end the day with “Restore Freedom Rally” at Freedom Leadership Conference at 7:30 PM

The American Army Lieutenant serving 19 years of prison for ordering his men to open fire on advancing Taliban terrorists in an Afghanistan combat zone under the Obama-era “rules of engagement” is getting some help this Tuesday. United States Congressman Duncan Hunter, himself a Marine combat veteran, has reserved a hearing room in the Rayburn Office Building of the U.S. House of Representatives for a 3 hour lunch and briefing for U.S. Congressman. Hunter and Representative Louie Gohmert are both slated to speak to attendees there along with at least another 3 to 8 Congressmen expected to confirm.

side 1 of event Flyer

More to the point, the co-sponsors of the event (who are paying all expenses), United American Patriots and Uniformed Services League, don’t just want the Congressmen who attend their briefing to listen. They want to hear them respond and find out if Congressmen will join their colleague, Rep. Duncan Hunter, in speaking out for and supporting a Presidential pardon for an Army officer who simply did his duty in combat and doesn’t deserve prison as his reward.

side 2 of the flyer – with the detailed itinerary for the entire day.

The two groups expect that every one of the 40 seats in the hearing room will be filled and in fact have asked the vendor helping with setup to bring folding chairs – but you may still reserve a seat at the event HERE. Those who do RSVP have priority seating, and the Congressional staff requires us to provide them in advance the list of attendees. There are plenty of seats still available for the evening conference. Some of those who attend the day activity with Congressmen will be invited to share their experience at the evening conference and Rally. Continue reading

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Trump Tweet on Pardon of Kristian Saucier

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Trump pardons Kristian Saucier, former sailor jailed for submarine pictures

by Steven Nelson

President Trump issued the second pardon of his presidency Friday to former Navy sailor Kristian Saucier, who learned the news while driving a garbage truck, the only job he could find with a felony conviction.

Saucier was sentenced to a year in prison during the 2016 campaign for taking pictures inside a nuclear submarine. Trump invoked his case repeatedly on the campaign trail, saying he was “ruined” for doing “nothing” compared to Hillary Clinton.

Still, Trump allowed Saucier to serve his full prison sentence. He was released in September and returned to the Vermont home he shares with his wife Sadie and their two-year-old daughter.

Read more…

Originally published in the Washington Examiner

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