Uniformed Services League Mission

American soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and guardsmen know full well that when they put on their uniform they are making two especially bold statements to the world.  They will defend freedom.

They will do so at risk to their lives.  In return, Americans have assured our uniformed servicemen that we will do our utmost to protect their lives, sending them into battle with the best weapons systems available on earth, with strategies and tactics which aim for victory in battle at the very minimum cost in blood regardless of the cost in treasure, and with a willingness to pay any price to retrieve those who are wounded from the battlefield, provide them medical care and rehabilitate them.

We have also pledged to protect them from politicians in other countries who often cultivate favor with their local populations by seeking to prosecute Americans for crimes without allowing them the benefit of the most basic rights we take for granted as American citizens.

Uniformed Services League was originally founded to oppose the efforts of the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to prosecute Americans in highly politicized cases designed to embarrass the United States while building the international anti-America, hate-freedom coalition of terrorists, leftists and communists.

Gathering hundreds of thousands of petitions from concerned Americans, Uniformed Services League starting in 2006 and 2007 through the present time has pressured both President and Congress to enact laws and institute strong policies to protect American servicemen serving abroad and to always have “status of forces” agreements with host countries where the United States stations our servicemen to help protect that country’s freedom.

The left even attempted to prosecute former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in a German Court for “war crimes in Iraq” in September of 2006.  Needless to say, if they could be so bold as to go after a Secretary of Defense and member of the President’s cabinet, Americans should be concerned about the safety of all of our servicemen serving abroad.

In more recent years we have seen the terrible lack of service to those who wore our country’s uniform, by the Department of Veterans Affairs, with secret waiting lists that kept many servicemen waiting until they died, while others endured prolonged agony as they waited their turn for the life-saving medical care our country had promised them.

This is a disgrace and our Congress needs to feel strong and continuing public pressure so that it asserts its oversight and supervisory responsibilities over the Executive Branch of government led by President Barack Obama, and forces both accountability and also prosecution of those officials who have hurt and even literally killed American servicemen by their ineptitude and failure to do their duty in a timely fashion.

Whether it is the International Criminal Court, the United Nations, overzealous, anti-American politicians in other countries, those in the Executive Branch of our government who refuse to do their duty to protect American servicemen serving abroad, or those who are not providing the care that was promised to them here in America, Uniformed Services League seeks to maintain maximum public pressure in behalf of those who serve our country wearing our uniform.  They deserve no less.

To accomplish this mission we rely on the generous financial support of those Americans who recognize that we owe thanks to those who have served, and a continuing responsibility to force politicians to keep the faith with funding for, and oversight of and accountability from the Executive Branch of government.  We who do not wear the uniform of our country and did not put ourselves in harms way to protect our freedom, must now do our duty and keep the faith with those who did by providing strong support for Uniformed Services League.  There is no other source of funds, and no other way we can succeed, without such help and support.

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