How to Change your name/address on our Mailing List

If you are on our mailing list (snail mail) and would like to correct or change your address you may do so several different ways.

1. Use the reply envelope you received from us and the reply form and handwrite the changes or corrections you would like and mail it to us.

2. Write to make your request, and be sure to include your full name and address EXACTLY as you see it when you receive mail from us and let us know your change.  Write to CHANGES, Uniformed Services League, Freedom Center – P.O. Box 820, Stuarts Draft, VA 24477-0820.

3. Note the important details above (#2) – we need the name and address exactly as you have it when you get our mail, and then send your email to:

4. If you are not the person whose name/address you wish to change (or delete) please indicate your relationship to the person in whose behalf you are writing and why you and not they are making the request.  Please accept our condolences if your parent or relative has passed on, as well as our thanks for their past support.  

Important note.  In an effort to expand our ranks to better influence public policy, Uniformed Services League mails its literature and materials to other mailing lists which it does not own or control.  This is a simple, one-time deal. 

We cannot change or correct or remove your name from a mailing list in this category since we do not have the list.  If you see a list with a numeric ending (ie. 01, o2) preceded by an alpha start (USPL for example) in the reply form part of your mailing, that is an indication that your name is on a “prospect” list.  You can still write to us if you wish because we give such a designation to our “Former Supporters” (those who stopped actively supporting USL 1 or 2 years ago) and there is a chance that when we look up the code if you would kindly provide it, that your name is that segment of our list.

Please note, it may take from 6 to 8 weeks for any changes to take effect.

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  1. Martin Metz says:

    I’m a retired Army LTC who has an interest in ensuring that our men and women in uniform receive justice in their sentencing. It’s wonderful to find an organization looking out for them.

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