Statement of Corey Clagett

After President Donald Trump did NOT Pardon Corey Clagett

by Corey Clagett, 1/20/21

I am very sad that President Trump did not see fit to include me on his final list of those who received a Presidential Pardon before departing office.  My faith and hope for the future is hurt but intact.  My friends have promised they will continue their effort, hoping that President Joe Biden will come to see that I have been punished enough with 10 years at Fort Leavenworth mostly in solitary confinement, because I followed orders in combat to shoot to kill those training to kill Americans.  More than ever, I remain inspired by the slogan on the flag of the rag-tag band who followed General George Washington in 1775, An Appeal to Heaven.

I am grateful to those who supported my request for this pardon by writing to the President and for helping pay for my full page newspaper ad and my open letter to the President, to attorney Todd Mosser, to Lt. Col. Dennis Gillem and to the board of Uniformed Services League.  I will never forget how you came to my aid.  .  I promise to make you proud by how I spend the rest of my life.  I will continue with your support to seek a pardon.  I will join you in your work to help those unfairly accused of wrongdoing in combat as I was.  God Bless you all, God bless America.

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